How Strategic is your IAM?

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Wrapping up a week  spent talking with customers and partners and conversations that keep popping up are not surprising.  In spite of IAM enjoying increased attention from the business and security community, there is a predominate focus on the technology vendors, cloud, and security with little mention of how they actually get implemented.  One sentiment I encountered this week from a global consulting services provider – where budget is seemingly endless and far from a constraining factor – is that IAM deployed into customer environments pretty much on demand.  The revenues realized from IAM implementations by the consulting provider were nothing more than a “rounding error” to the overall revenues. This sentiment is not shared alone as IAM is often overshadowed by the larger security program from an operational and budget perspective.  In typical fashion, it leads me to ask the question: how strategic is IAM to your business? Philosophy Determines …

The Business Value of IAM

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Hey again! The inaugural Seattle IAM User Group got kicked off last night with great success, and I enjoyed presenting thoughts on the value of game theory (decision science) and professional development on career and the IAM program and the great conversations that ensued.  More than once the “business value of IAM” came up with conversations around how we could increase our chances at gaining executive buy-in to our strategies and plans.  It just so happens that Forte Advisory fellow, Jeff Kistler, contributed a blog post on the same topic that I think will extend the conversation about the business value of IAM even further. Enjoy the post, and as always feel free to leave your comments here or reach out directly or leave your comments below with your thoughts or suggestions. Steve @stevetout @forteadvisory —————————- Organizations around the world are experiencing profound issues with their implementation of Identity and Access Management …

The Forte Advisory Value Add

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As a new startup, there is constant pressure to communicate the value proposition that the company brings to the market and differentiate itself from competitors. This is also true whether you are an internal consultant to a large organization or an external one with a personal brand or a large team. The challenge that professionals at all levels in different contexts inevitably face, from high tech, to financial services to Big 4 consulting, is to what extent he or she will take on a level of personal risk to go against the grain, stand up for truth and take a chance at actually doing work that will make a difference. At some level I think we all want to make a difference and work on something that is meaningful, but in reality the majority of work that gets done is such a small scope of work that gets credited to a …

What I learned from pitching IAM to my CIO

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As economic growth continues and the world becomes more connected in ways never before imaginable, so too does the frequency, probability and inevitability that sensitive data and applications will be compromised within yours or your customer’s organization. To keep up with this state of constant change, you have to adapt, and change yourself in order to be effective and add value wherever you are.