Career Development for IAM Professionals

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Wrapping up a long, tiring yet rewarding week at Cloud identity Summit in New Orleans, I wanted to sign off with a few parting thoughts. First off, I’d like to thank Andrew Hindle for giving me the opportunity and the honor yet again to speak at CIS. Being a 4th time attendee at CIS and frequent speaker and attendee at other conferences, it is clear that not enough air time has been devoted to career development issues for professionals in our industry. This is evidenced by the fact that at least a dozen folks approached me afterwards with their questions, comments and thanked me for sharing lessons from the trenches. I was especially touched more than once by attendees who confided that my talk (given on the last day of the CIS event) was their favorite of the entire week. As far as I can tell, nobody is being paid …

What I learned from pitching IAM to my CIO

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As economic growth continues and the world becomes more connected in ways never before imaginable, so too does the frequency, probability and inevitability that sensitive data and applications will be compromised within yours or your customer’s organization. To keep up with this state of constant change, you have to adapt, and change yourself in order to be effective and add value wherever you are.

Discovering your “Edge” in Identity & Access Management

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Any way you look at it, IAM will become an increasingly important area of focus for IT and business leaders. We need a vantage point which to see and better align IAM investment opportunities that will have the most impact on ability of the business to compete and grow in the coming years.


You and your IdM Career

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I have to say that I feel very fortunate that I have not had to change jobs frequently since I started my career in IT back in 1998. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. I departed sooner than I had hoped from my first two gigs in sales working for Microsoft solution providers, though each led me to search harder and smarter and always led me to more interesting and more lucrative gigs. In order to get my break in sales I wrote a business plan to market PC and network solutions for Capital Datacorp in Sacramento, but before landing that job I canvassed Northern California by fax (I was so broke that I didn’t have an ISP account or a personal computer) and by foot searching for a job. The efforts eventually paid off, and the rest is history and will spare those details for another time. What is …

Managing IAM In Uncertain Times – 2012 Edition

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Better late than never, they say. So first of all Happy New year to you and I wish all the readers of my blog the very best health, happiness and success in managing IAM projects in 2012! I am writing this post from Bangalore, India where I am wrapping up the final touches on a 1.5 day workshop program that I am presenting to the Operations and Management team at VMware this week on a variety of hand chosen topics that I have collected and discussed under the umbrella of Managing IdM In Uncertain Times. This name comes from the paper I wrote in 2009 and consequently inspired the theme and title of this blog. In this blog (and the paper) I attempt to identify the trends and codify the best practices and rules of thumb when it comes to managing IdM systems in a virtualized environment for running leaner …

Self Motivation or What gets me out of bed in the morning?

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Unless you have a monster for a boss who likes to micromanage every minute of your day, then the disciplines and behaviors required for achieving your career goals are largely going to be your own responsibility and doing (as they should be.) So instead of waiting for opportunity and success to come to you, I think it’s best to take initiative and begin taking actions every day that will help improve your reputation, your career and ultimately your level of income.

Today is my last day at Oracle

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Today is my last day at Oracle, and it’s a bit of a sad day.  I have had the pleasure of working with some of the smartest Oracle professionals on the planet (OCS Security Practice, A-Team, OID gurus and Support team you know who you are) but at the same time I really needed a break from life on the road.  At a time such as this in our country, I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to be leaving on my terms (more about this in a second), rather than being terminated due to downsizing.  I feel blessed in countless ways. There is a little bit of background to my leaving Oracle.  I remember the excitement when I first got contacted by the recruiter like it was yesterday, although not too surprised since I had been using Oracle (Oblix) software for quite awhile, I did have to reckon with the fact …