Whitepaper: Success With Managed Security Service Providers

Security metrics should not simply be “fun facts” or “happy metrics” that tells the CISO what a great job the security team is doing. They should reveal a story with actionable insights.

Organizations who take cybersecurity seriously operate under the assumption of being attacked and place more emphasis on security operations to defend the frontline and reduce risk. To ensure that security process and tools are functioning to protect, detect and respond to potential cybersecurity attacks, operation is the hub of the wheel. Additionally, to ensure operations is efficient and effective, it is very important to partner with the right service provider.


In this whitepaper, examine best practices and pragmatic suggestions for achieving success evaluating and contracting with a managed security service provider, including support of the following cybersecurity disciplines:

  1. Perimeter defenses
  2. Identity & access management
  3. Application and data security
  4. Threat detection & response

Success With Managed Security Service Providers