Inaugural Seattle IAM User Group

Posted on by Steve Tout in Speaking Events

If you are in the Seattle or Bellevue area on Thursday, November 12th and are interested in IAM, game theory and strategy, then you might like to join the Inaugural Seattle IAM User Group for my talk on Tetris and Your IAM Program – IAM through the lens of game theory. Is your IAM game over or is it stuck on infinite loop?

During this talk, I’ll talk about concepts such as how game theory, strategy, personal philosophy and outlook affect the success of your career and IAM program.  I hope to stimulate a dialogue on how through the lens of game theory and strategy we can apply “pain therapy” to your career and IAM program, addressing challenges and obstacles with innovative tactics and solutions.


I will also argue that in order to manage IAM through turbulent times, we need better strategies.  I will propose strategies that you can adopt in your organization, including:

  • Virtual identity and its affect on customer experience and end user productivity
  • Integrated IAM & GRC for sustainable compliance within enterprise, SaaS and hybrid cloud environments
  • Operational guidance to achieve greater stability, efficiency and scale of IAM & GRC
  • Life & career of the IAM architect

But you must register for the event now!

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