IT Reimagined – Better Governance Ahead

Posted on by Steve Tout in Current Events

I have been seeing a lot of articles like this lately, and it seems everyone might think the sky is falling. Truth is, the smart IT guys will just move on to IT In the cloud. Really don’t think that a battle is being lost here because the business wins, and for shareholders in IT, they win too. As governance goes, we need to have better visibility and control of applications and data inside the firewall as well as across the SaaS (PaaS, IaaS, et al.) ecosystem.

Sort of been talking about this for awhile now. If there is one thing we should be talking more about as an industry, it is that we need better governance and to talk more about integration, management and security shaping our priorities and stop all the whining about the end of IT.

Scope for better governance

Scope for better governance

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