Whitepaper: Managing IAM in Uncertain Times

Without an IAM strategy there will be redundancies, excess costs, inconsistent user experiences, failed audits and manual labor.

For over a decade, businesses have invested heavily in IAM solutions to address enterprise requirements for single sign-on, account management and streamlined processes for audit and compliance of IT environments. What the creators of IAM 1.0 could not predict is the need for protocols and processes to enable seamless access for B2B, B2C and B2E that has caused most investments to experience rapidly diminishing returns and increasing levels of liability to the business.

Managing IAM In Uncertain Times

In this whitepaper, explore the top 5 ways to manage IAM through uncertain times, while achieving more with fewer resources.

  1. Integrate governance, risk & compliance
  2. Create organizational alignment
  3. Evolve the architecture
  4. Rethink the platform
  5. Renew operational focus

Managing IAM In Uncertain Times