Cloud computing is one of the biggest disruptive forces to the Internet since smartphones and virtualization. Many business critical applications and data have gone beyond IT’s control and in many cases outside of the firewall to 3rd party service providers, creating challenges with access controls, data governance, user provisioning and compliance, putting an organization’s intellectual property and customer data at risk.

In order to address such risk and to enable the business at the same time, IAM has had to adapt with solutions for achieving greater efficiency, scale, automation and security than before. To that end, Forte Advisory empowers leaders with cutting edge educational and advisory products and services that will help transform the way an organization’s data and applications are managed and secured anywhere from on-prem to mobile to SaaS to an internal private or hybrid cloud.

We have organized our services portfolio to address the broadest range of business and technology needs in the IAM space. We provide consulting and services at a strategic level to ensure alignment with business goals with actionable insights and to enable transformation.

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