À la carte Services



With the à la carte option, services are offered and packaged in a completely flexible manner, enabling you to purchase exactly the content you need at the times required. Once purchased, every engagement includes the following basic provisions:

  • Planning and scoping each deliverable with you before writing it
  • One revision cycle of the finished draft during which we incorporate your feedback
  • High quality content, typically including a purpose-built graphic to accentuate key points and stock photography
  • All text is optimized for SEO and Open Graph with relevant keywords and meta descriptions.
  • Social media advice and instructions (e.g., content for proposed scheduled tweets)

À la carte options


I will ghost write one or more blog posts up to 1000 words each.  The one-time cost for this service is $1500 USD. You will have the option to select the quantity of blog posts during checkout.



I will ghost write your next whitepaper or e-book up to 5 pages. Page counts include all pages with substantive materials. Cover pages, tables of contents, or other pages containing only “boilerplate”, such as a corporate address, are not counted. For the purposes of billing, page and word counts shall be based on the “final draft” content as delivered via email. The cost for this service is $2500 USD.


Expert WordPress support

As a convenience to our customers, we now offer expert WordPress support, whether it be publishing new cornerstone content, maintenance or content optimization. You can purchase a 4-hour block of support from Forte Advisory. The cost for this support option is $500 USD and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Publish new blog posts or content pages
  • Install, update and test plugins
  • Optimize meta tags, keywords and descriptions for social sharing via the Open Graph protocol
  • Develop landing pages and custom email sign-up forms to prompt brand interaction
  • Integrate with MailChimp, Hubspot, Marketo or any other email marketing services
  • Deploy visual content such as style sheets, logos, graphics, info-graphics, etc…
  • Optimize pages to increase shares/likes, engagement and conversion (conversion rate optimization) and grow your audience
  • Embed audios and videos
  • Ensure pages are mobile-friendly with responsive design and AMP compatibility


Monthly retainer

This option offers one designated member of your team unlimited consultation via email, messaging and phone. This can include, but is not limited to, support in the following areas:

  • Product strategy and business plan
  • Business case development
  • M&A and due diligence
  • Competitor analysis
  • Proposal review and support
  • Press release review and recommendations
  • Investor pitch deck review
  • Soft email introduction to economic buyers (within reason)

My fees for monthly retainers are $5000 USD and are always paid in advance of services being rendered.

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If you think great content is expensive, you should try cheap content

Working with Forte Advisory for thought leadership content can help you:

  • Quickly expand your team’s ability to engage your target audience
  • Acquire volumes of expert thought leadership content without having to hire additional staff
  • Access a diverse team of subject matter experts, and only pay for what you need
  • Get new relevant content every week