IAM Assessment

At Forte Advisory, a typical engagement begins with an assessment. Our assessments are focused on increasing the scale, security and governance of your IAM infrastructure and program. When organizational, technical and human resources are aligned towards a common objective, we call that highly leveraged IAM with ever increasing probability for risk reduction and ROI.

Our assessment is not a typical technology focused assessment. We look at organization, culture, management maturity and integrations. You will receive objective scoring and actionable insights from our assessment methodology in the following key areas:

  • On-boarding process
  • Role based access governance process
  • Visibility platform
  • Cloud integration maturity
  • Identity data integrity
  • Off-boarding process
  • Password & policy management
  • End user experience
  • Access request and certification process
  • PMO formation

As a result of this audit, you receive insight into where highest risks are within your IAM program, and along with it guidance on where your investments will have the highest ROI for the near and long term.