IAM Roadmap and Recommendations

The IAM program must be able to articulate the business value and to prioritize activates behind business strategies and opportunities. Many IAM programs will struggle to get (and maintain) funding for initiatives spanning multiple years which makes it even more critical to identify key stakeholders and business drivers that will have any profound and lasting impact.

Gaining trust and enjoying sustainable funding for the IAM program requires that directors and leaders think ahead to the future and acquire the skills and knowledge that will help link strategy to execution. Going through alignment exercises, nurturing relationships with key stakeholders and building a strategic IAM roadmap are essential in order to achieve maturity and efficiency.

Working with Forte Advisory to discover and build your IAM roadmap requires a hard look at the realities your organization faces.  Through this exercise, together we will dive into:

  • Where is the money trail?
  • What is your organization’s readiness for Identity-as-a-Service?
  • If you are a technology company, how does your company’s offerings play into the roadmap and alignment with your R&D?
  • Where are your company’s competitive threats and opportunities for competitive advantage?
  • How far along is your company with ITSM and ITaaS?
  • Who are the big egos, and how does the culture need to change to support business transformation?

The IAM program needs to align behind the shift towards ITaaS, building the platform for execution and supporting transformation and migration activities.  With a roadmap, developed in collaboration with a 3rd party, your team can be sure it is heading in the right direction to reduce operational risks, improve customer experience and realize a highly leveraged IAM infrastructure.