Leading Practice Workshops

Workshops are a key transfer mechanism required for knowledge and high value content to inspire employees and/or optimize customers experience with the company brand. This will be a powerful program to empower InfoSec and IAM leaders with tools, such as proposal templates, business case development, self-assessment methodologies and leading practices for manifesting the skills and confidence needed to drive innovation and success.

Each workshop delivered by Forte Advisory is custom tailored to meet your organizations need.  Some of the frequent topics covered in a workshop include:

  • history of IAM, from basic AD and NTLM to enterprise SSO, identity governance & administration and federation
  • basic IAM concepts, including directory services, virtual directories, policy enforcement points and agentless authorization
  • implementation methods – virtual vs physical infrastructure
  • operational planning & readiness
  • the importance of the role of IAM architect
  • rollout planning and integration toolkit development
  • developing the skill-sets and mind-sets required to achieve lasting success with enterprise IAM
  • a high level approach to building and managing IAM infrastructure in hours, not weeks
  • how to develop test cases for validating functional and operational requirements and use cases

Other workshop topics may include:

Through workshops, fundamental knowledge is transferred and enables the IAM team and stakeholders to achieve desired results.

Workshop content may be licensed for delivery by an organization’s staff to further enhance skills and create lasting value for the company.

Workshop Content Sample Download

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