Privileged Access Management Workshop

Forte Advisory one-day workshop is a great tool to transfer knowledge and value added content to educate employees, optimize customers experience and engage with the target customer demographics. PAM workshop agenda includes:

  • a real-life example replay of advance cybersecurity attack that involved a compromised privilege account
  • how to assess current state of client’s Privileged Access Management
  • how to find the biggest security gaps in the client’s organization
  • policies and controls client should have in place to manage privileged access
  • what next-gen Privileged Access Management tools offer and how to take advantage of them
  • how to effectively measure the success of Privileged Access Management program
  • protecting accounts with privileged access in cloud environments
    success outsourcing Privileged Access Management with managed security service providers
  • top 12 metrics to consider when managing Privileged Access Management

Licensed workshops may be delivered by a representative of your company to your customers as a value added offering or to employees as professional development.

Each workshop includes an attendee handbook, individual tabletop and workgroup exercises

Includes all digital files for speaker presentation and attendee handbook

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PAM Workshop Sample