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As a new startup, there is constant pressure to communicate the value proposition that the company brings to the market and differentiate itself from competitors. This is also true whether you are an internal consultant to a large organization or an external one with a personal brand or a large team. The challenge that professionals at all levels in different contexts inevitably face, from high tech, to financial services to Big 4 consulting, is to what extent he or she will take on a level of personal risk to go against the grain, stand up for truth and take a chance at actually doing work that will make a difference. At some level I think we all want to make a difference and work on something that is meaningful, but in reality the majority of work that gets done is such a small scope of work that gets credited to a team that there is very little opportunity for individual recognition and reward, unless the need to excel is sought out from ones own volition.

Many and perhaps most of the people working for the big consulting firms (Deloitte or Boston Consulting Group) with thousands of employees are not consultants at all. They are actually implementers, specialists in outplacement or technology, who are the management equivalent of plumbers or electricians. That’s right, most consultants really aren’t. Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Consulting

I have observed similar constraints within Big 4 consulting engagements throughout my career, both on the delivery and the receiving end. So called consultants I have worked with are brought in for a discreet task and is highly situational. And these Big 4 consultants get paid extremely well for doing tactical work! I thought it was just me, until I read Alan Weiss in his classic work Million Dollar Consulting.

The unfortunate reality is that transformation is both difficult and risky. Failure is not always encouraged (fail early and often!) and a culture of innovation is therefore harder to develop as well, even though this is sorely needed in IT organizations. Leaders fear offending a partner, not being PC and losing out on budget, so difficult decisions don’t get made. The path of innovation in IT, not to mention in IAM, is not typically chosen except by a few companies. The result, as I described in my talk Identity Coherence at the Forgerock Summit 2015 is password fatigue, identity provisioning silos, lack of a uniform way to audit provisioning and AAA systems, inconsistent policy enforcement and so forth. In light of this culture of fear that permeates many IT organizations, and the underwhelming ROI of Big 4 and internal consultants, that data breach costs jumped 23% in two years and productivity loss in $10s of millions annually? Or the loss of IP to competitors, hackers and foreign nations?

Million Dollar Consulting

I have never been one to accept average or to go with the status quo. Doing what everyone else was doing has never quite felt right to me, nor satisfying. My hope and my goal, for Forte Advisory clients and all companies, is that their appetite for innovation is prepared for embracing disruptive change and defining a strategy that is broad enough to address some of the most debilitating illnesses in Corporate America.

Thus, IAM is no longer about providing the right access, we need to deliver the right experience. That is the pulse and the passion at Forte Advisory. And to do that, we need a platform for identity coherence that will reduce the redundancy in our provisioning and integration layers, drive out inefficiencies in our architecture, delivery and operations and achieve greater visibility and scale whether managing identity on-prem, in the cloud or on mobile devices.

[tweetthis]IAM is no longer simply about providing the right access. We need to deliver the right experience.[/tweetthis]

We need bold leaders who are willing to tackle these enterprise challenges. I personally would rather go out having tried and failed miserably, than having done otherwise and watched a breach occur, countless millions of dollars in waste or have to enter my credentials a dozen times a day.

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