Today is my last day at Oracle

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OracleHQ-029 Today is my last day at Oracle, and it’s a bit of a sad day.  I have had the pleasure of working with some of the smartest Oracle professionals on the planet (OCS Security Practice, A-Team, OID gurus and Support team you know who you are) but at the same time I really needed a break from life on the road.  At a time such as this in our country, I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to be leaving on my terms (more about this in a second), rather than being terminated due to downsizing.  I feel blessed in countless ways.

There is a little bit of background to my leaving Oracle.  I remember the excitement when I first got contacted by the recruiter like it was yesterday, although not too surprised since I had been using Oracle (Oblix) software for quite awhile, I did have to reckon with the fact I would have to travel 100%.  I accepted the job at Oracle and made a promise to my wife that I would spend the next 2 years at the job, and then find something that did not require so much travel.  While I wish I could attribute it all to great planning, I submitted my resignation on the week of my 2nd year anniversary.  Sometimes things happen just the way we want them to by pure luck, or is it?.  However you see it, I’m extremely greatful and looking forward to spending more time at home.

n1175740323_408671_5661544 Now to the not so happy side of my departure.  Many of you may know that my daughter (Molly) was born with a rare children’s cancer called Wilms tumor.  She had a positive prognosis because it was caught early, and had her right kidney removed along with the tumor itself.  After months of chemo, we believed she was 100% cancer free.  Until 2 weeks ago.  On the same day that we were supposed to have 100% confidence that she was cured from Wilms, her scans showed two .6c spots near where her kidney was removed.  My wife and I were crushed.  The Sr. Oncologist thought it perhaps could be swollen lymph nodes, and to come back in 6 weeks for more scans to make sure.  We are hoping and praying that this is the case, and that there is no more cancer.  So with the cloud of uncertainty again visiting the Tout household, my departure from the Road Warrior life was necessary.  I could not very well be the husband and father I was meant to by from 838 miles away. 

What I have learned and need to remind myself of every day is that there are no guarantees and to take each day as it comes.  I have had a truly wonderful experience working at Oracle and with my many colleagues there.  Since my wife and I have had this vision of where we wanted to be on this day, I feel like the decisions have been made for me and I am encouraged that I’m doing the right thing.  Although the path is not as extremely well lit as it once was, there will be new challenges around the corner and I know that the friendships I have made and the life skills I developed at Oracle will be there when they are most needed.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped make mine, Cami’s and Molly’s life so positive and filled with joy the past two years.  We are looking forward to what comes next and hope you will share in our life’s victories and defeats together.

Bremerton, WA ~ 2009

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